5 Minute Farmers-Weekly Update: 26-Jul-2020

5 Minute Farmers: Weekly Update: 26-Jul-2020

Happy Sunday to everyone. Hope you are staying safe.

Here are the top five updates we wanted to share with you.

1. Introducing Provisions: We have started adding provisions such as rice, oils etc to the produce list. Very soon, we intend to add more. Hope you like it.

2. Senior Citizens Reminder: Please note that if the order is for any senior citizen, please feel free to let us know if you require any additional essentials such as getting medicines, necessities etc from the nearby store. We will be happy to get it at no extra cost to you – this way you can continue to be safe at home.

3. Nutritional Facts: Some of you visiting the website would have noticed that for every produce, we are trying to add the nutritional facts so that you can be aware of the same and have that in mind while choosing any item. Also, please feel free to ask us any questions about diet, nutrition etc and we will try and get you the most reliable response possible from diet specialists.

4. Active Order Taking On Whatsapp and Phone: We realised that after the site was launched, we missed providing updates on whatsapp. We are restarting it right away and will provide produce details and updates on whatsapp also so that you can place your orders like in the past on whatsapp also.

5. Limited Transport: We continue to have limited to no transport in many places such as Vedaranyam, Kodaikanal etc due to lockdown restrictions there. We hope it will be resolved soon and things will come back to normal. Until then, for all the products for which we have a good transport, we will mark it on the produce page with a ‘Freshness Guaranteed’ logo so you can be aware of the same.

Take care and stay safe.


5 Minute Farmers Team